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Job Scraping

Scrape Job Postings for your Job Boards or Job Board Customers

JobKapture is a customized job post scraping solution for job board businesses, HR recruitment companies, and employers. Our end-to-end job feed scraping services take the complexity out of job data integration delivering optimized and structured job feeds. With simplicity and transparency, JobKapture scraping technology comes with smart features like data enrichment, destination website analysis, and 3D monitoring quality assurance to make job feeds easy to integrate on job boards. 

  • Our automated job feed scraping allows job boards to pull a large volume of job posts for their job sites. 
  • Scrapers are configured to extract custom job feeds to match the existing job board’s database structure.
  • Our service extracts and enriches job data to enhance job site features like custom search, recommendations, and optimized reporting.
  • Save time and overhead costs associated with manual content acquisition, and focus on job board optimization and engagement.
  • Download and deploy job feed data in suitable formats such as API, and XML.

Job Saas Providers Advantages

Simplified and Cost-effective Job Post Scraping Solution

Boost your job board business by incorporating automated job wrapping solutions through JobKapture and enjoy enriched job feeds.

Quick Turn Around with Faster Setup

No-Code Automated Job Posting Software

A Team of Experienced Experts

Custom Job Feeds in Preferred Format

Optimized and Structured Job Scraping

Cost-effective and Industry-specific Service

Quality Assurance with 3D Monitoring

Premium Support & Maintenace

PEO & EOR SaaS Solutions

StaffingInvoicer – Automated PEO Invoice Management Software

StaffingInvoicer is a robust and technology driven payroll management SaaS solution that excels in managing complex invoicing processes for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Employer of Records (EORs) companies, staffing agencies, and recruitment firms.

It includes the best-in-class features such as automated invoicing, pay items management, batch emailing functionality, multi-currency support, multi-client compatibility, and easy to configure with existing systems (HRIS, CRM). 


Trusted with Over 100M Yearly Invoices


Leader for EOR & PEO Invoicing

Staffing Invoicer Advantages

Simplify and Scale Payroll Profits with Easy Payroll Back Office Software

With our automated invoicing solution, you can streamline your operations, reduce the administrative burden, and gain valuable insights into your business’s financial performance.

All-in-One Invoice Management

Smart Batch Emailer

Robust Configuration

Simple API Integration

Simple and Quick Set Up

Compliance Management

Detailed Profitability Insights

Premium Support & Maintenance

How It Works

Scale Up Your Payroll Revenue with
Our Agile Billing Management Software


Schedule Discovery Call

Book your FREE discovery call with our billing software expert to learn about StaffingInvoicer and its core features.


One-on-One Free Consultation

One of our payroll experts provides you with a detailed demo of our billing management SaaS product, offering you information on benefits, usage, and compatibility


Quick Setup & Configuration

After your final decision, our technical expert will promptly set up and configure the system with 100% compatibility for third-party apps and services. 



Smart Integration of StaffingInvoicer

Embed StaffingInvoicer with top-notch business apps like accounting, HR management, and time tracking software.







Ready to Grow Your Job Board or PEO Business

  • Private labelled to your brand 
  • Highly Configurable to Your Business Needs.
  • Quick and Easy Implementation
  • Modern User-interface and Embedded Alert System
  • Secure Cloud-based Managed Service

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Check out our common questions

What is JobKapture?
How can JobKapture benefit my business?
  1. Efficiency: By outsourcing your job scraping needs, JobKapture saves time and effort for your team, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.
  2. Better Job Listings: With destination site assessment and 3D monitoring, JobKapture ensures that your customers will have the most accurate feeds possible. Eliminating the headaches of troubleshooting and playing the middleman between your scraper and customers.
  3. Increased Revenue: Offering automated job scraping and publishing services can add new services to your existing customers, strengthening their business and growing your subscriptions.
  4. Custom Branding: JobKapture is a white-labelled service, allowing you to customize the solution with your own branding, creating a seamless experience for your clients.
Is JobKapture customizable to my business needs?

Yes, JobKapture is 100% customizable to fit your job board business needs. As a white-labelled and integrated SaaS solution, it can be branded with your company’s logo and visual identity, providing a cohesive experience for your clients.

Additionally, the platform’s features can be tailored to align with your specific job posting feed requirements, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows.

Getting started with JobKapture is a straightforward process. To begin using this comprehensive job scraping solution, follow these steps:

Book Free Consultation: A representative from ConverjIT will schedule a free consultation call to understand your specific job feed needs and requirements.

Custom Job Feed Solution: Based on the consultation, ConverjIT will tailor the JobKapture solution to align with your job board business needs, ensuring it meets your enriched data structure on your job board.

White-labelling: If desired, ConverjIT will apply 100% white-labelling to the platform, allowing you to brand it with your own company’s identity for a sustainable revenue source.

Implementation and Training: ConverjIT will guide you through the implementation process and provide any necessary training to ensure your team can effectively use JobKapture.

Job Scraping and Posting: Once the platform is set up, you can start benefiting from its features, including destination site assessment, smartstart setups, and 3D monitoring to automate job scraping and publishing tasks.

What is StaffingInvoicer?
How can StaffingInvoicer benefit my staffing agency?
Is StaffingInvoicer suitable for small as well as large staffing agencies, PEOs, & EORs?

StaffingInvoicer is designed to cater to staffing agencies of all sizes including small, medium, startups, and enterprises. Whether you are a small professional employer organization (PEOs) or a large-scale staffing company, our integrated invoice management software can be customized to meet your specific billing management needs and scale with your business growth.


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