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Experts in Payroll HR and Back Office businesses (PHRBO) Private Labelled Software Solutions

We serve businesses who serve business with targeted and integrated software solutions designed to meet the complexity of B2B2C business. Our SaaS solutions target your customers’ customers or end users, giving you tools like JobKapture and StaffingInvoicer to manage customer experience through intermediary organizations and brands.

  • Cost-effective SaaS solutions for Job Board Businesses & PEOs,
  • Over a decade of experience in job scraping and payroll technology.
  • Boost your revenue and customer retention rate with smart SaaS platforms.
  • Resell our privately labeled software under your own brand identity.

About Company

Unmatched Data Specialists

Leveraging data for enhanced web experiences and unparalleled results.

Our Mission

On a mission to enable supplemental and higher margin revenue through our white-labelled software and services.​

Our Vision

Delivering innovative Payroll HR and Back Office businesses (PHRBO) private label software solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a digitally-driven world.

Our History

ConverjIT was founded in 2019, as incubator for the software and services that support Human Resources, Payroll and Recruitment online software, by a team of HR software and service lifers. ​

Job Scraping Solution

Unlock Faster Growth for Your Job Board with JobKapture’s Scraping Technology

JobKapture is the next-generation smart job scraping technology that scans employer job listings and delivers enriched job feeds to job board businesses.

JobKapture is an end-to-end job scraping solution with premium features such as precision scraping, data enrichment, destination site analysis, quick configuration, and 3D monitoring. Whether for a job board, career site, or recruiting platform, our white-label job scraping technology integrates quickly and seamlessly to supply a steady flow of custom job feeds, scaling up job board business revenue and distribution.

  • It’s easy to start and quick to set up for job board businesses.
  • Performs automated job scraping to deliver the latest job postings.
  • Delivers structured data to syndicate job listings with one-click.
  • The user-friendly dashboard allows quick review of all scrapes, links and support.
  • Integrate as a white-label job scraping service under your brand.

PEO & EOR SaaS Solution

Meet Staffing Invoicer

In the extremely competitive global PEO and Staffing market, competition is fierce and flat-fee margins are hard to defend. ConverjIT’s StaffingInvoicer. unlocks transactional, rate-based fees that have been nearly impossible to scale through manual processing.

Imagine calculating and invoicing percentage-based fees on benefit claims, expense claims, hr consultations for 1000s of workers, for dozens of Customers in less than 2 hours – as part of a simple monthly batch process. StaffingInvoicer can be implemented with its embedded HRMS software or seamlessly integrated to an existing HRMS.


Trusted with Over 100M Yearly Invoices


Leader for EOR & PEO Invoicing



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Implement our cost-effective job scraping technology and next-gen payroll back office systems for Accounting, HR, and Recruitment Businesses to accelerate your revenue growth.