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Unlock Faster Growth for Your Job Board with JobKapture’s Job Board Scraper Solutions

JobKapture is the next-generation smart job board scraping technology that scans employer job listings such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and delivers enriched job feeds to job board businesses.

JobKapture is an end-to-end job scraping solution with premium features such as precision scraping, data enrichment, destination site analysis, quick configuration, and 3D monitoring. Whether for a job board, career site, or recruiting platform, our white-label job scraping technology integrates quickly and seamlessly to supply a steady flow of custom job feeds, scaling up job board business revenue and distribution.

  • It’s easy to start and quick to set up for job board businesses.
  • Performs automated job board scraper to deliver the latest job postings.
  • Scrape job postings from top job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Upwork.
  • Delivers structured job feeds to syndicate job listings automatically.
  • The user-friendly dashboard allows a quick review of all scrapes, links, and support.
  • Integrate as a white-label job scraping service under your brand.

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B2B Operations

Auto Job Scraping Services Designed for Multiple Business Segments

JobKapture enables customized job scraping (wrapping) services for various platforms such as job boards, recruitment agencies, HR firms, job distributors, corporate talent managers, and applicant tracking system (ATS) companies to enhance their platforms with the latest job postings.

Job Board Businesses

Job board platforms can automate their job posting process for high volume customers by deploying a tailored job scraper tool and unlock access to larger customers and the accompanying stable, recurring revenues.

Recruitment Agencies/HR Firms

Recruitment agencies or HR firms can replace manual job posting processes by scraping jobs and automating the rebranding and customization of posting details.


JobKapture is an ideal outsourcing partner for a job scraping service to manage and maintain high volumes of customer scrapes, with sophisticated enrichment, filtering and normalizing data to ensure search optimization.

How It Works

Hassle-free Job Scraping & Job Board Scraper Technology


Share Your Project Requirements

Optimizing your scrapes begins with a multi-dimensional understanding of your needs. Your consultation will begin with your business objectives, continue with a source analysis and conclude with a destination site analysis.


Sample Data Assessment

For the first scrape of any potential customer, the JobKapture team will create a custom data sample. Based on the initial scoping discussion and analysis of both the source and destination websites, we’ll craft a custom job field template and populate it with a set-up sample data. 


Activate Your Job Scrapes

On your final approval of the sample job feed, we will launch customized job feed scrapers to deliver an automated flow of jobs for your job boards.


3D Monitoring set up

Use this sample to test data import / ingestion and confirm all required fields are set up correctly for your site’s unique configuration. During this process the team will also set up our unique destination site monitoring.

Job Saas Providers Advantages

Simplified and Cost-effective Job Board Scraping Software

Quick Turn Around with Faster Setup

Being an automated job post scraping tool, it’s an integrated service to start quickly job scrapers from source sites or employer’s website.

Optimized and Structured Job Scraping

We implement robust and tailored job scraping algorithms optimized to the destination sites and business purposes.

No-Code Automated Job Posting Software

JobKapture is a complete, no-code job posting data scraping solution. After gathering your requirements, we build on-demand job scrapes for any destination website.

Cost-effective & Industry-specific Service

Jobkapture is job industry-specific, rapid scaling job scraping service for new and established job boards, job board SaaS providers, enterprise organizations, HR firms, and recruitment agencies.

A Team of Experienced Experts

Our experienced team of data scraping and recruitment industry experts develops data feeds focused on value-driven and cost-effective solutions that deliver long-term job board business growth.

Quality Assurance with 3D Monitoring

Our integrated 3D monitoring systems ensure the job feeds perform reliably, monitoring the source sites, output formats, and destination job boards.

Custom Job Feeds in Preferred Format

Jobkapture builds custom job posting scrapers, integrating custom filters, conditional logic, and job field enrichment and normalization, with multiple output formats including API and XML (downloaded and hosted).

Premium Support & Maintenance

Powered by 3D monitoring technology, our dedicated support team monitors and repairs job feed during crucial overnight run periods. Support is available via live chat, phone calls, and email communication.



Our Job Scraping Solution, Your Job Boards – Smart Integrations to Boost Revenue

A smart job scraping integrated solution that fits with top CRMs, Job Boards, SaaS Software, CMSs, and social media platforms






Ready to Grow Your Job Board or PEO Business

  • Private labelled to your brand 
  • Highly Configurable to Your Business Needs.
  • Quick and Easy Implementation
  • Modern User-interface and Embedded Alert System
  • Secure Cloud-based Managed Service

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Check out our common questions on job scraping tool

What is JobKapture?
How can JobKapture benefit my business?
  1. Efficiency: By outsourcing your job scraping needs, JobKapture saves time and effort for your team, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.
  2. Better Job Listings: With destination site assessment and 3D monitoring, JobKapture ensures that your customers will have the most accurate feeds possible. Eliminating the headaches of troubleshooting and playing the middleman between your scraper and customers.
  3. Increased Revenue: Offering automated job scraping and publishing services can add new services to your existing customers, strengthening their business and growing your subscriptions.
  4. Custom Branding: JobKapture is a white-labelled service, allowing you to customize the solution with your own branding, creating a seamless experience for your clients.
Is JobKapture customizable to my business needs?

Yes, JobKapture is 100% customizable to fit your job board business needs. As a white-labelled and integrated SaaS solution, it can be branded with your company’s logo and visual identity, providing a cohesive experience for your clients.

Additionally, the platform’s features can be tailored to align with your specific job posting feed requirements, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and workflows.

Getting started with JobKapture is a straightforward process. To begin using this comprehensive job scraping solution, follow these steps:

Book Free Consultation: A representative from ConverjIT will schedule a free consultation call to understand your specific job feed needs and requirements.

Custom Job Feed Solution: Based on the consultation, ConverjIT will tailor the JobKapture solution to align with your job board business needs, ensuring it meets your enriched data structure on your job board.

White-labelling: If desired, ConverjIT will apply 100% white-labelling to the platform, allowing you to brand it with your own company’s identity for a sustainable revenue source.

Implementation and Training: ConverjIT will guide you through the implementation process and provide any necessary training to ensure your team can effectively use JobKapture.

Job Scraping and Posting: Once the platform is set up, you can start benefiting from its features, including destination site assessment, smartstart setups, and 3D monitoring to automate job scraping and publishing tasks.

Does ConverjIT offer a free trial for JobKapture?

Yes, ConverjIT offers a free trial of JobKapture, specifically for potential Standard and Mid-Size Subscribers. Free trial allows you to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand and assess how it aligns with your job board business requirements.

During the trial, you would have complementary 2 free sample job posting scrape, which helps you understand the efficiency and effectiveness of the automated job scraping technology provided by JobKapture. The sample job feed scrape can assist you in making an informed purchase decision based on your experience with the platform.

Can I see a demo of JobKapture before making a decision?


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