Scale Your Job Scraping Business with JobKapture

Are larger employers out of your reach? Are you tired of complex scraping setups and constant feed adjustments? JobKapture may be your solution to job scraping woes. Our private-labelled, bulk web scraping service can transform your job board operations, saving time and effort while unlocking new customer acquisition and per-customer revenue growth.

What is JobKapture, And How Can It Help Me Grow Job Board Revenues?

What is JobKapture? – JobKapture is a comprehensive, labelled-with-your-brand, job scraping solution that automates the job posting process for employers.

Is this just Web Scraping/Job Wrapping?

Yes and much more. JobKapture is the next generation of web scraping (also referred to as Job Wrapping) tools built to meet the demands of today’s competitive recruitment market. Our technology scans employer websites daily, extracting job postings and transforming the data into a user-friendly format for seamless integration with your job board. From titles, locations to descriptions and categories, JobKapture scans, standardizes and presents the information in a compatible format for your job board platform.

Why Choose JobKapture?

Automate Your Job Scraping
With JobKapture, automation is your new best friend. Help your employers focus on what truly matters – finding the perfect candidates – while JobKapture handles the rest. Streamline job board sales to large employers, shortening the time from agreement to posting, and automating the job posting process – and unlock new revenues.
Effortless Transition
Already using a third-party scraping service? We’ve got a special offer to try us out. Start with five feeds moved to JobKapture, and we’ll provide a discount on setup fees. Transitioning to our comprehensive solution has never been easier or more cost effective.

Core Features That Set Us Apart

Offer job scraping services under your brand, strengthening your client relationships.
Affordable Service:
Affordable scraping often means DIY! With JobKapture, you’ll save time spent building and maintaining scrapers, eliminate the need for technologists and have setup and maintenance taken care of.
3D Monitoring:
Our unique quality assurance system checks the scrape against source site counts, output files, and destination job boards.
Bulk Pricing:
Flexible pricing models ensure affordability and scalability.
Job Board Expertise:
Benefit from our industry knowledge to stay ahead in the competitive job board market.

Who Can Benefit?

The JobKapture team specializes in Job Board Businesses:

Job Board Businesses: From startups to established enterprises, we empower you to grow your revenue and reduce friction in job scraping.

Job Board SaaS Providers: Enhance your revenue per client and simplify scrape-related support requests.

Versatile Across Industries

JobKapture adapts to your needs, regardless of your industry or niche. Whether you’re a generalist job board, a niche specialist, a SaaS provider, or a startup, JobKapture has you covered.

Transparent Pricing

Our service subscription pricing for 10 scrapes starts at just $299USD per month, with various packages to suit your needs. We offer competitive setup fees and straightforward billing to keep your costs in check.

See It in Action

Try JobKapture for yourself. Schedule a demo today to experience our automation in action. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a trial period, but our demo will showcase all the benefits JobKapture brings to your business!