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With millions of job postings on LinkedIn, it is a valuable resource for jobs information and job inventory. Whether you are interested in collecting and posting LinkedIn jobs to your job board or gathering job data intelligence, LinkedIn’s anti-scraping measures can be daunting. With our smart job scraping solution, you can secure the structured job feed you are looking for, built from all available LinkedIn job postings.

Our modern LinkedIn job scraping solutions enable job board businesses to extract systematic and custom filtered job postings from LinkedIn based on your specific criteria, such as location, industry, job title, and more. We meticulously scrape the LinkedIn job data feeds, ensuring you receive only the most valuable and up-to-date job postings on your job boards.

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B2B Operations

Custom Job Scraping Service Designed for Multiple Business Segments

JobKapture enables customized job scraping (wrapping) services for various platforms such as job boards, recruitment agencies, HR firms, job distributors, corporate talent managers, and applicant tracking system (ATS) companies to enhance their platforms with the latest job postings.

Job Board Businesses

Job board platforms can automate their job posting process for high volume customers by deploying a tailored job scraper tool and unlock access to larger customers and the accompanying stable, recurring revenues.

Recruitment Agencies/HR Firms

Recruitment agencies or HR firms can replace manual job posting processes by scraping jobs and automating the rebranding and customization of posting details.


JobKapture is an ideal outsourcing partner for a job scraping service to manage and maintain high volumes of customer scrapes, with sophisticated enrichment, filtering and normalizing data to ensure search optimization.

Job Saas Providers Advantages

Simplified LinkedIn Job Postings Data Scraping Services

Job Posting Insights & Distribution

Job posting data scrapes provides insights and additional distribution for HR leadership and Recruitment Teams. Pull together jobs information from across your subsidiaries or business divisions to track application rates and then leverage the scrape to push under-performing jobs to additional distribution channels.

Competitive Data Insights

LinkedIn Job posting data provides standardized data points, such as job title, location, industry, seniority level, employment type, skills required, salary, remote option, and number of applicants, provides a more complete picture of a company’s or industry’s goals and hiring market

AI in LinkedIn Job Scraping

Create targeted jobs lists for initial training your recruitment AI and keeping it update with current best / popular content.

Create High-Quality Backfill

Create high quality backfill for your job board, with customized formats and fields to optimize job search and candidate experience

A Team of Experienced Experts

Our experienced team of data scraping and recruitment industry experts develops data feeds focused on value-driven and cost-effective solutions that deliver long-term job board business growth.

Quality Assurance with 3D Monitoring

Our integrated 3D monitoring systems ensure the job feeds perform reliably, monitoring the source sites, output formats, and destination job boards.

Custom Job Feeds in Preferred Format

Jobkapture builds custom job posting scrapers, integrating custom filters, conditional logic, and job field enrichment and normalization, with multiple output formats including API and XML (downloaded and hosted).

Premium Support & Maintenance

Powered by 3D monitoring technology, our dedicated support team monitors and repairs job feed during crucial overnight run periods. Support available via live chat, phone calls, and email communication.

How It Works

Hassle-free Job Scraping & Job Board Scraper Technology


Share Your Project Requirements

Optimizing your scrapes begins with a multi-dimensional understanding of your needs. Your consultation will begin with your business objectives, continue with a source analysis and conclude with a destination site analysis.


Sample Data Assessment

For the first scrape of any potential customer, the JobKapture team will create custom data sample. Based on the initial scoping discussion and analysis of both the source and destination websites, we’ll craft a custom job field template and populate it with a set up sample data. 


Activate Your Job Scrapes

On your final approval of the sample job feed, we will launch customized job feed scrapers to deliver an automated flow of jobs for your job boards.


3D Monitoring set up

Use this sample to test data import / ingestion and confirm all required fields are set up correctly for your site’s unique configuration. During this process the team will also set up our unique destination site monitoring.



Our Job Scraping Solution, Your Job Boards – Smart Integrations to Boost Revenue

A smart job scraping integrated solution that fits with top CRMs, Job Boards, SaaS Software, CMSs, and social media platforms






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  • Modern User-interface and Embedded Alert System
  • Secure Cloud-based Managed Service

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