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Access modern and featured-rich SaaS products for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Employer of Records (EORs). It’s one of the cost-effective and reliable payroll management and billing software for small businesses, and enterprise organizations.

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New and Recurring Revenue through Payrolling Contractors

CBox and StaffingInvoicer Solution Bundle

Multi-Client Invoicing

Cbox is a vertically integrated HRMS designed for multi-client invoicing. It therefore includes portal access for your staffing group, your customers’ supervisors and admin, and your workers. Each has a suite of tools and access configured to their needs and functional role. Manage leaves, expenses, approvals and reporting.

Automates Calculation

StaffingInvoicer automates the calculation and invoicing of percentage-based fees on benefit claims, expense claims, and more – Customize to each of your customers and their jurisdictions. Reclaim the revenue that you are missing from flat fee structures and unleash your full revenue potential with StaffingInvoicer’s powerful rate-based calculator.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting. Understanding and reporting on the successes and struggles of your payroll business is vital to steering sales and marketing decisions. With the CBox and StaffingInvoicer Solution Bundle, all the reports required are built into the systems and don’t require hours or days of crosschecking or manual work to produce.

Seamless Process

Designed to solve contractor payroll’s biggest challenge – contractor invoicing. The CBox and StaffingInvoicer Solution Bundle combines to allow contractors to submit hours and expenses, supervisors to approve, a system generated bill from the contractor, and invoicing to your customer in one seamless process. With every invoice generated, the Staffing Agency earns fees in any combination of fixed or rate-based structures and adds these values to your customer invoices.

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  • Custom Client Configuration and Management
  • Customer Log in and portal
  • Worker Portal
  • Approve and Track Leaves
  • Approve and Track Expenses
  • Full messaging center and communications tracking
  • Reporting

PEO & EORs SaaS Solution

Staffing Invoicer

  • Calculates all payroll elements at custom configurations for each client
  • Generates Contract Bills
  • Generates Contract Bills
  • Generates Client Payroll Invoices
  • Accomodates both pre and post payroll customer billing calculations
  • Time Tracking and Calc
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